Biệt Đội Rất Ổn

The Ideal Squad is a Comedy, revolving around the duo Khue (Hoang Oanh) and Phong (Hua Vi Van). After a chance encounter, the duo drags Bay Cuc (Vo Tan Phat), Bay Suc (Nguyen Thao), Quau (Ngoc Phuoc), Quo (Ngoc Hoa) to participate in a special mission: Swapping the attached bracelet. kiss with precious diamonds and reveal the true face of Tuan (Quang Tuan) - Khue's ex-husband at the wedding between him and Tu Xoan (Le Khanh) - a female giant in the West who owns a million dollar fortune. The reluctant combination of The Ideal Squad - Phong, Khue and the Family Cuc Suc aimed at the eyes of the "bride and groom" at the luxurious resort promises to be extremely thrilling, suspenseful but no less humorous, emotional.

Titre original: Biệt Đội Rất Ổn

Durée: 115 min.

Qualité: HD

Année: 2023

imdb rating 7


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