ASMR – Täydellinen ystävä

The Kind Stranger is a moving, at times comical film about the ASMR community, whose members try to ease each other’s pain by making youtube videos of tender care, quiet whispers and close up attention. We see the many hours of work that “ASMR artists” put into making their videos – and their presence and sincerity. In the age of anxiety, ASMR aspires to fulfill our ancient, primal needs. We are all a bit broken, but human beings are incredibly inventive when it comes to finding ways to reach out to our kind.

Genres: Documentaire


Réalisateur: Janne Laine

Pays: Finland

Titre original: ASMR – Täydellinen ystävä

Durée: 60 min.

Qualité: HD

Année: 2023

imdb rating 7


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